New publications preview – Governance and Accounting Technicians

Published date: October 31, 2018

CAPA is pleased to present a sneak preview of the latest publications focused on governance and accounting technicians.

The Governance guide is part of the Maturity Model Guidance Series, and is the fourth title in the series. The guide is intended to provide the why, what and how of governance for professional accountancy organisations (PAOs), and is designed for any PAO looking to implement a system of governance that, at a minimum, demonstrates the attributes of good practice. The guide supports the Maturity Model for the Development of Professional Accountancy Organisations publication. Other titles in the guidance series focuses on continuing professional development (CPD), quality assurance for audit (QA) and investigation and discipline (I&D). Access the Governance guide here for more details.

The ‘Accounting Technicians – Exploring Opportunities for the Profession’  is a publication written for professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) throughout Asia Pacific with an aim to encourage these organisations to consider the importance of accounting technicians (ATs) in the accounting sector. It is designed to assist PAOs increase their understanding about a wide array of topics concerning ATs, including the service they provide, the business and economic context in which they operate, professionalising the AT sector, opportunities for PAOs and their members, as well as the development and sustainability of the AT sector. Access the Accounting Technicians publication here for more details.