Vision, Mission & Value Proposition


To be recognised as an inspirational leader for the accountancy profession in Asia Pacific.



To enhance the value of the accountancy profession in Asia Pacific by:

  • Contributing to the development of professional accountancy organisations
  • Promoting ethical values and the benefits of high quality accounting, reporting and assurance
  • Speaking out as a voice of the accountancy profession


Value Proposition

The Power of CAPA

CAPA provides a unique regional platform, created by an inclusive community of committed professional accountancy organisations in Asia Pacific.

Members and other stakeholders gain a trusted partner, capable of collaborating efficiently and effectively to achieve mutual goals.

A Trusted Intermediary

CAPA has a reputation built on credibility, reliability, objectivity and impartiality.

Stakeholders value, and members prosper from these characteristics.

Members gain one or more of the following benefits:

Development Support  – through facilitation and sharing of knowledge and experience
Increased Status  – by leveraging the trusted brand, reputation and influence of CAPA and its members
Enhanced Voice  – when advocating on national and regional matters
Extended Reach  – with CAPA linking and convening stakeholders, experts and decision-makers
Relationship Network  – collaborating with fellow PAOs and other stakeholders on matters of mutual interest


Gains arise from the synergistic benefits of a broad array of cultures, histories and experiences.