Board Members

A Board of up to  twelve members is elected from within the membership. Members elected to the Board serves the period between one Assembly to the next (normally a 4-year term). Each Board member represents a jurisdiction, and a representative is appointed as a Director of the Board.

The President and Deputy President are elected from within the Board and serve one-half of the period between one Assembly and the next, respectively (normally a 2-year term). With the consensus of the Board, the Deputy President steps up as the next President, and a new Deputy President is elected from within the Board. The President is known as an ex-officio of the Board and chairs the Board meetings and general meetings of CAPA.

The Board is empowered to devise strategies to help achieve CAPA’s objectives, including taking decisions on management related matters. The Board is assisted by a Governance & Audit Committee and two working committees focused on the areas of developing professional accountancy organisations and public sector financial management.


Board members for the term October 2015 to October 2019

President: Jackie Poirier (Canada)
Chief Executive: Brian Blood

Australia Low Weng Keong
Bangladesh Anwaruddin Chowdhury
Canada Lyle Handfield
China P.R. Yang Chenhui
India (Deputy President) Manoj Fadnis
Japan Shinji Someha
Korea R.O. Yeong-Kyun Ahn (appointed Sep 2016)
Nepal Prakash Lamsal
New Zealand Gill Cox
Pakistan Nadeem Y. Adil
Sri Lanka Lasantha Wickremasinghe
United States of America Jim Knafo

Leadership and Director profiles